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Equipping the saints to defend the Shire and Christendom in an effort to rebuild Christian culture.

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Dr. Francis Schaeffer was a conservative Presbyterian Minister, Philosopher and Christian Apologist who, like G. K. Chesterton and C.S. Lewis, took the fight of culture and worldview to the enemy. He reminded the Christian world that Biblical Faith was not pragmatic or experiential, but that it was first and foremost true. That God was really there, and that apart from Theism the Secular Humanist or Athesistic Materialist had no real basis for, or categories of: functional order, intelligence, life, consciousness, reason and logic, purpose or meaning, and of course no ground for morality or justice. Man lives in God's world weather he likes it or not, and apart from God, His attributes as noted above would only exist as subjective impulses and fancies that were merely products of bio-chemical accidents - time and chance. Therfore, any secularist that presumed to speak as if these categories existed was borrowing capital from Theism or Biblical Christianity. "He is there" Schaeffer proclaimed, and these categories actually did exist in the universe as true realities. He went on to state that "He is not silent" - God has revealed Himself comprehensibly to a fallen world, in the attributes of His nature as stated above, but also in revelation, that is to say, comprehensible Logos (Word - John 1:1), both in the covenant documments of Holy Scripture and ultimately as the Word made flesh in the Messiah of Israel. Schaeffer confronted the failing worldview of secular humanism straight on, and defended traditional Christianity with a provocative style that simultaneously communicated his true love and concern for modern humanity struggling with despair and meaninglessness. There is no better place to begin a study of Biblical Faith and Culture, than Schaeffer's wonderful book A Christian Manifesto. Join us at St. Stephen's Church, 2504 Sunnyside Rd. Montrose, Colorado, as we fellowship together and discuss Biblical worldview and Christian culture with a purpose to educate and edify those wishing to defend: Faith, Family, Freedom, Federalism and Free Market Localism. "Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain that build it." Psalm 127:1

St. Stephen's Anglican Church

Proclaiming Christ with boldness, combating an age of exclusive secularism

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